What are you looking for? I ask myself that as I wonder, what the hell am I doing here? Here, in Australia, and here, in this body, in this life.

My spiritual teacher says the answer is simple; every one of us is seeking a happier experience of life. Yet, he says, comfort is nothing but conditioning. So, how do we seek for a happier experience of life without chasing projections to find meaning?

I think all of us at one point or another question life’s meaning. How can we not? It’s the greatest mystery of our existence. What we’re doing here; How? Why? But, can meaning be chased, can it be attained? We sure do try. We try when we choose to pursue professions, people, and places. I’m realizing this quest to find meaning is what has driven me in my life choices including this recent move abroad. However, meaning is not something you can look for, find, grasp, and hold onto. Meaning is experienced*.

I sat in my seat and placed my left hand over my heart and my right hand over my womb space. Tears fell from my eyes. I listened to the words being spoken by both men and women at the Sacred Sexuality Summit in Melbourne and I felt it. It came in waves of emotions. I could not, and still can not fully express what exactly moved me so deeply. I think it was just the open, truthful, raw, and passionate ways in which the speakers spoke about human connection, emotional maturity, and love. It was confronting. And, I’m ready for such a confrontation. I think thats one of the meanings I’ve been looking for that has drawn me here.

Sending and receiving love in an exercise at the Sacred Sexuality Summit Melbourne

One of my closest friends here is my friend Courtney, whom I met at an Ayahuasca retreat in the spring of 2016 when we bonded over being juicy, Shakti filled women, while simultaneously orgasming over brushing our teeth.

Courtney and I catching kangaroos in the wild Australian supermarket

She says Melbourne is all sacral chakra. Creativity and sexuality. There is an abundant amount of workshops and events around sexual empowerment, conscious relating, and self love. I am in a playground for this kind of thing. There are so many artists here, and I admire seeing them bravely putting themselves out there at little, funky independent theaters in productions they’ve clearly poured their heart and souls into. I am inspired to collaborate and co-create with the people I’m meeting. I want to make shit happen, but as I deepen into the surrender and trust I’m cultivating by leaping into this unknown world, I am learning that the universe is providing me with the opportunities to do just that and I needn’t force nor worry about anything. You don’t create your future, you meet it* . Just keep showing up. But I mean really show the fuck up, in full authentic presence.

So, I showed up one day at Lentil as Anything, a vegetarian pay as you feel non profit magical restaurant and workshop space, a mecca for artists and weirdos, with my open heart and mind. There, I met a new friend, Brett. He’s a DJ, and we just started talking. He said he wanted to put together a yoga and sound event. So, one week later, Sattva Yoga + Sound for the Soul was born. Just like that, after feeling quite discouraged by the lack of ease in getting a job teaching at a studio, I planned three yoga workshops at Lentils, with this cool element of Isochronic tones my friend combines with his music that enhance meditation and brain function. Something unexpected, and yet, divinely manifested.

We held our first event and people showed up!  I couldn’t believe it. It was magical. My class was centered around moving and flowing through the unknown landscape of life with grace. Life is constantly arriving from the womb of the unknown*.

My experience in Melbourne is almost impossible to put into words (and its only been 2 weeks?! It feels much longer). I was speaking with a new friend, probably trying to put my feelings into words, after teaching the yoga class. I spoke about how I was slowly falling in love with Melbourne, but that I was itching for some time in the bush. An hour later, I laid in bed, about to go to sleep when one of my friends who I met in Nepal and lives here asked me to join in on a hiking excursion the next morning. Manifestation in motion. My first exploration of Australian nature did not disappoint. I even saw a wallaby, but it was too quick for me to capture on my camera. Life moves quickly, if we aren’t paying attention, we might just miss it. And if we spend too much time looking for something to give life meaning, we might miss experiencing it.

Love and Light friends,

Elena Rose Davis

*The asterisk symbol represents seeds of wisdom from my teacher Anand. During my moments of depression, loneliness, or anxiety I re-read notes taken during my yoga teacher training for inspiration and am always finding something new within his words that resonate.


Revé · September 8, 2017 at 4:38 pm

I love reading your words! I miss you lots sister 🙂

Nicole Guzzo · September 8, 2017 at 10:48 pm

So deeply loving your writing. Whenever Anandji would speak I would scribble like crazy to get word for word written down. I love re-reading those lines. He is incredible and our shared time at Sattva was beyond words magical.

Brandi · September 8, 2017 at 11:00 pm

WOW! Wonderfully written! I’m so excited for you, and excited to follow your journey. You’re incredibly inspiring, thank you for sharing it all!

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